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The 21st Century Cutlery Challenge

Kitchen cutlery. So essential, so much potential - yet so underwhelming. So many different brands, materials, prices - but they're all so similar.

Born out of a grassroots initiative, we're on a mission to breathe fresh life, superior ergonomics, and iconic design into the realm of kitchen cutlery.


We think it's time for something new.

Kove V2 2_edited.jpg

How we started

While the world around us constantly evolves with technology and design, consumer kitchen knives have remained largely unchanged. In late-2022, Shane Rienks, an industrial design student, and founder of Rienks Motor Design, LLC, aimed to challenge this status quo and posed the questions:


"Have kitchen knives truly reached their peak? Is there still room for improvement?"

Fast forward through months of design, research, observation, and prototyping, and the answer to these questions became clear: while we may be used to yesterday's style of knife, it falls short in so many ways.


Kove Cutlery was born - a startup knife company laser-focused on beautiful human-centric design - from the psychological to the physical.


We now have multiple design and utility patents pending, and are forming strategic partnerships before taking Kove Cutlery to the next stage of production.

What makes us different:

Ultimate Comfort.

Your hands will thank you.

Wrist and Finger Ergonomics:

No more awkward wrist angles or finger strains. We've observed, learned, and designed our knife to align with the natural movement of your hand and arm. You may be used to it - but it's not ideal: next time you use your traditional-style knife, observe the strange angles and forces your fingers, wrist, and arm use. 

Handle Perfection:

Say goodbye to thin, slippery handles. Our handle is designed for everyone, especially keeping in mind those with physical impairments. You'll feel the difference from the first grip.

Yes, a world-first:

Need extra force? We've all been there. With Kove Cutlery, using a second hand doesn't mean discomfort. Rokka features a forward-extending handle perfect for general use, while Chikara truly shows off with a patent-pending adjustable (and removable) palm rest, so you can apply as much down force as you need while cutting.

​​From world-famous pros to our own grandparents, two-handed use is one of the greatest pitfalls we observed in traditional kitchen cutlery during R&D.

Optimized Blade Geometry:

Why have a one-size-fits-all blade? Kove Cutlery Rokka and Risachi each offers two distinct cutting geometries on a single blade, optimized for specific tasks - one for slicing and penetrating, the other for mincing and chopping.

Rokka Promo 1 90.png

Safety First.

Say hi to our finger Kove™.

Anti-Drop Design:

The innovative closed handle design ensures that even with an open hand, the knife stays with you. Chances of dropping your knife are now close to zero.

Protect Your Fingers:

The unique "cove" in our handle makes accidentally slipping your finger under the blade a thing of the past.

Stability Reinforced:

No more weak points. Our handle provides support on both ends, ensuring durability and stability. You've heard of full-tang handles - now meet our Thru-Tang™  handle.

Iconic Design.

You won't want to let go.

Visual Balance:

Experience not just physical, but also visual comfort. Every line, curve, and edge is crafted for visceral harmony - from the psychological to the physical.

Cutting-edge Manufacturing:

Our Signature series handles are made from a 5X cold-hardened, shot-peened aircraft aluminum, and our blades are manufactured with a modern take on a centuries-old Japanese knife steel. Future handles and knife blocks will feature carbon fiber and Kevlar, timeless wood, and sustainable plastics. We're planning ceramic and composite blades, too.

A Statement of Modernity:

Kove Cutlery doesn't just perform; we want it to stand as a testament to what's possible when innovation meets design. Tradition is important - we wouldn't be here without it. But we need to build on it. To keep innovating.

Kove Cutlery is our bold statement to the world:

Kove V2 1_edited.jpg
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