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Kove Cutlery Trio V5 Promo Base

Cutlery for the
21st century.

Patents pending

Kove Cutlery Duet V5 Promo Base

Ultimate Comfort.

Say goodbye to the thin, slippery handles found in yesterday's kitchen cutlery. 

And while you're at it, say goodbye to hurting hands and fingers.

It's about time knife handles truly accommodate your hand. Or both hands, when needed.

Iconic Design.

Experience not just physical, but visual balance. Every line, curve, and edge is crafted for visceral harmony - from the physical sensations, to the psychological effects of safety, confidence, and control.

This is human-centric design.

Safety First.

Say hi to the protective, supportive finger Kove™. 


The safe space for your fingers means even with an open hand, the chances of accidentally dropping your knife are nearly zero.

Our blade provides support on both ends of the handle - meaning worry-free use for those who push their knives to the limits. Meet our Thru-Tang™ blade.

Kove Cutlery Chikara Side No Palm Rest


The new cleaver, for everyone.

A patent-pending,
                                       adjustable palm rest.

Kove Cutlery Chikara Rear 3/4 View w/ Palm Rest

Chikara's dedicated, adjustable palm rest means cutting:

With as much downforce as you need.

In as much comfort as you want.

While looking as good as you will.

Kove Cutlery Rokka Side Profile


The new chef's knife, for everyone.

Kove Cutlery Rokka Rear 3/4 View

Use one hand or two. A world-first chef knife designed for both hands.

Real comfort.

Multiple levels of safety.              

World-class design.                                             

Kove Cutlery Risachi Side Profile


The new kind of knife, for everyone.

Kove Cutlery Risachi Rear 3/4 View

Designed exclusively for one-handed cutting, Risachi shouldn't be:

This comfortable.

This safe.

This easy.

Kove Cutlery Trio V6 w/ Granite Backsplash 1
Kove Cutlery Trio V6 w/ Stone Backsplash 1
Kove Cutlery Duet V5 w/ Cutting Board
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